A lot of people I talk to who are just getting started on the web don't really understand what the hosting fee is for.  Every page on net is a computer file.  That file resides on a computer that is connected to the website.  People who maintain these "internet computers" rent space on them for websites.  Thats what the hosting fee is.

If you host with us you get:

10 GB Space | 300 GB Transfer
20 Email Accounts
5 MySQL Databases

Hosting Fee - $20 per month
Design Fee - $60 per page


E-Mail Features No extra charge
Web-based e-mail
Free Email Forwarding
Spam and junk e-mail filtering
Aliases, forwarders & autoresponders
Announcement Lists
Discussion Lists


Search Engine Optimization - included with hosting
Set up Google AdWords - $50.00
WordPress installation - $100.00
E-Commerce set up - $100.00

Weekly Traffic Reports - Free

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and blog integration
Everytime you publish a new post, your twitter and Facebook status will be updated automatically.  And everytime you update your status on twitter, a new blog post is published automatically. Connect your YouTube account with your blog.  Using these Social Media Accounts increases your internet footprint significantly. Makes it easy to keep your followers updated whether they are frequent visitors to your blog or follow you on twitter. - $100.00

I spent a lot of time on the web looking for resources to explain blogging and how it helps to drive traffic to your site.  It boils down to this:

It won't work if you don't work it.

It's going to take a commitment on your part to put something new on your blog on a regular basis.  It doesn't have to be everyday but it should be consistent and it should be something of value. You want your site to be interactive.  You want to give your visitors something to react to.  I can set it up and make it look like you want it to, but you will need to make the commitment to work it. Once you get in the habit of posting on a regular basis, you will see increased traffic on your site and you will have opportunities for new business.

Customizations quoted per project.

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